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Tortured by a speech impediment, Todd isolates himself from the outside world in a stuffy one-bedroom apartment located in Nashville’s Buena Vista Park district. Each failed attempt at professional employment only exacerbates his self-hatred and plummets him deeper into depression. No one can understand him. He can’t respond to sales calls, can’t interact with work co-workers... he can’t even order a pizza.

Stuck in a dead-end job at the ranch and having almost completely lost hope, he stumbles upon what could be a revelation: Auctioneer School. In a last-ditch effort, Todd attends a night class that teaches aspiring motor-mouths the survival skills in one of Nashville’s lesser-known attractions: Auctioneering.

With the help of tongue-twisting Guinness record holder Sharky, Todd gains the confidence to become a master auctioneer and quickly climbs the ranks of the car, cattle and collector scenes. However, Todd’s journey is shifted by a man from another fast-talking industry: rap. He is forced to choose between two careers, while finding success and fulfillment from both. But like most success stories, Todd’s is not without a price.


A veteran auctioneer from the South with a true passion for his craft, Sharky is a purist auctioneer.


He sees auctioneering as an art form, and re-tells his " glory-day" stories with his students at Nashville's auctioneering school. When he meets Todd, Sharky quickly realizes he's more than an eager student; he's got "Gawd given talent!"


Taking on a father-like role, Sharky begins mentoring Todd outside of class. However, Sharky's ego is quickly hit when Todd, whom he considers his finest creation- leaves auctioneering to pursue rap, something he calls "a perversion of the language."


Sharky’s intent to mentor Todd - while well intended, becomes overbearing, controlling and suffocating. Sharky makes every attempt to stifle Todd’s potential by protecting his adopted prodigy selfishly to keep his new discovery all to himself.


Terrell is s slick-talking lactose-intolerant music producer who has a chance 'run-in' with Todd one night at an ice cream parlor and discovers an unexpected new talent.


Todd and Terrell quickly form a brotherhood and a partnership. Terrell's a hustler, running the underground rap scene in Nashville's Southside. He's always had a passion for rap music and owns a small record label. The acts on his label have seen moderate success, but The Auctioneer is about to take things to the next level.


Terrell is catalyst that allows Todd to use his talents to achieve major success.

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